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Hi! My name’s Nocturnal. (Not really, of course, but just go with it.) I’m a software developer.

Under my Nocturnal alias, I’ve been doing projects in Swift, particularly in the Kitura web development framework ecosystem. My most ambitious project actually isn’t code, though; it’s Kitura Until Dawn, a free textbook/tutorial introducing how to use Kitura to build full-featured sites.

Under my real name, I primarily do web development with other frameworks. But after one of those ecosystems was soiled by drama, I decided to create a more anonymous identity for new projects. And Nocturnal was born.

Though I obviously don’t want to share too many personal details, I’ll give up a few to help make me a little relatable, at least: I’m male, thirty-something, married with children, and living in the USA. Hobbies outside of software development (which itself was a hobby long before it was a career) include the food, culture, and history of east Asia, video games, cryptocurrencies, and occasional attempts at humor writing. Due to having a steady “day job” at the moment, I’m not really very nocturnal at present…


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