Welcome to Nocturnal’s site!

Hi! My name’s Nocturnal. Well, not really, of course. I’m a slightly well-known open-source (primarily) software developer in certain circles under my real name. However, recent drama both within and outside such circles have convinced me it might not be a good idea to use my real name as much. My past has its flaws and wrinkles, just like yours and everyone else’s, yet there persist people all too eager to cast the first stone. It's too late to re-anonymize myself in the scenes that already know my name, but for new ones, I’ll go by Nocturnal.

When I decided to go anonymous, I struggled with picking a nickname, finally deciding on Nocturnal. Of course, this is not exactly an original name for the types of people that software developers are, so when I can’t use “Nocturnal” because someone has already registered it (GitHub, Freenode, etc), I go by some similar variant instead.

Under my real name, I primarily work with PHP-based web content management systems, but also dabbled in iOS and desktop application development. Currently, though, my Nocturnal alias is focusing on Swift web development with the Kitura framework, particularly with building up its i18n support.

Though I obviously don’t want to go into too many personal details to risk revealing my real identity, I’ll give a few to help make me a little relatable, at least: I’m male, thirty-something, married with children, and living in the USA. Hobbies outside of software development (which itself was a hobby long before it was a career) include the food, culture, and history of east Asia, video games, and occasional attempts at humor writing. Due to having a steady “day job” at the moment, I’m not really very nocturnal at present…


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